About Wana


We believe in value creation!

Creating value in the digital world is our main goal and idea. Wana‘s managers years of experience in domestic and international digital businesses have enabled us to be the best business assistants in the digital world.


1- We are young!

Wana started by a group of highly skilled, energetic and young professionals. This youthful energy helps you drive your business to the pinnacle of digital speed, accuracy and quality.

3- We are creative!

Our creative team is able to provide the best and most optimal solutions possible to improve and advance your  business .

2- We are Global!

In addition to cooperating with our colleagues in the Tehran office, we cooperate with a large number of experts from all over the world according to each project. We will receive your project and hand it over to its best specialist, from Iran to China to Canada!

4- We Know the Online world!

Our years of experience in digital businesses and the creation of several successful online businesses have enabled us to offer the best possible solutions for your online business.


It’s not about what we do! It’s all about how we do! we do your projects to creative with the brilliant ideas and innovations.


Our team is very young  and dynamic and we are ready to work with you with the utmost perseverance and energy to create the best possible product and service for you.


From the first ideas to product development, marketing and sales our professional teams are with you to assist your business to reach all the goals and purposes.  

We are Wana Studio:

We are a dynamic and creative art and business development studio. Our years of experience in creating successful online businesses i and having a professional, young and energetic team has enabled us to provide the best possible results for the success of our customers in the digital world. 

Story of success, from Idea to Execute and create value. About wana Studio Founder, Alireza Eskandari

Alireza’s career began with programming, signal processing and artificial intelligence. His interest in entrepreneurship and management made him to jump into creating most successful online business in Iran like Headphone app, Sedagraphy, Boghche, RoseBox etc. A couple of years experience in Turquouise Partners financial groups as the senior expert of  VC investment, give him an extrondery opportunity to learn more about how to establish a business from idea to creat value. Alireza Brings all those experiences and knowledge into WANA Studio to help all the clients from all over the world to shine in the online world!  Learn more about Alireza Eskandari.